Aquarius’ comprehensive Aquaseal range provides the flexibility of being suitable for both new pipe and flue installations, as well as retrofit applications using the Aquadapt product. Aquaseals also come in a wide range of sizes with an integrated lead or aluminium base for installation on tiled roofs.

Aquaseals are the original square based polymer flashing and provide effective weather sealing for pipe and flue installations. Made from the highest quality EPDM rubber or silicone, Aquaseals are UV resistant and fully able to withstand the intense sunshine and harsh weather that Australia and New Zealand can dish out.

Instead of the typical five-year pipe boots and sealants that will have you on your roof constantly looking for leaks, Aquarius offers flashing products from brands such as Aquaseal and Enviro-Lead with 20-year warranties that will outlast the warranties of many roofs.

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