Sentinel Group

Sentinel Group specialises in security and architectural fasteners, and are the distributors of the PROLOK and PROLNX brands.

Since 2004, Sentinel has been designing and supplying specialised fasteners for a wide range of industries including Correctional Facilities, Government Institutions, Railways, Street Furniture, Playgrounds, Solar, Electronics, Manufacturing and many more.

If you are a manufacturer seeking a unique drive recess and keyed locking system to improve your product offering, or a householder wanting to ensure their instantaneous hot water service stays on the wall, or anyone in between we are ready to help.

Any valuable product in the public area is at risk of theft, vandalism and tampering. Our security fastener range and design capabilities are second to none. We are constantly sourcing new ideas and innovative products from around the planet to ensure our clients are at least one step ahead when it comes to security. If your need is architectural fasteners we can make your product stand out with unique head styles and drive recesses.

Our design team is fast and efficient. Our distributors around the country and our network of overseas contacts will ensure you receive the service you require. We can solve your fastener problems now!

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