Drilling & Chiselling

To ensure that your projects are accurate and high-quality, you’ll need the best drilling & chiselling equipment available. Konnect Fastening Systems offers a Drilling & Chiselling range for a wide variety of applications.

Our metal & timber Drill Bits offer unrivalled drilling performance with a long reach, increased depth, increased drilling capacity and slower speed options. We offer a variety of drill bits that are compatible with tiles, natural stone, glass and mirrors.

The range consists of Masonry Chisels, Metal & Timber Drill Bits and Hollow Drill Bits for dustless drilling. Our high-quality Masonry Chisels make the tile stripping process easier, offer general cutting support and are ideal for renovations.

Trust Konnect Fastening Systems to provide a wide range of Drilling & Chiselling supplies that will ensure your project is a success.