Storage & Containers

Is your worksite becoming cluttered and overcrowded? Our Storage or Container solutions will free up space and organise your supplies for maximum job site efficiency.

Konnect Fastening Systems® can offer fully customised containers that provide an on-site ‘warehouse’ stocked with a range of products relevant to your business or project. This means stock is on site and ready to go whenever it is required without costly delays. A Konnect Fastening Systems® representative will visit the site at selected intervals to record usage and issue an invoice.

Containers are fitted with appropriate lighting and shelving and can be assembled and stocked ready for transport to site. Due to our large range it can sometimes be difficult to select the appropriate product mix for a site and Konnect Fastening Systems® can also help in this area. We have generic product mixes developed for several major industries including construction, mining projects, infrastructure projects, coal seam gas projects, fabrication workshops and more.

Our storage solutions come in various sizes and options to suit your specific needs. We also offer several accessories – from bags, bins, bottles, cans/pails, coolers, holders, multi compartment boxes to sprayers, toolboxes, chests and cabinets.