The Segnut is a safer, faster and smarter nut technology, and reduces removal time by up to 95%.

Segnut is a proudly Australian developed and owned innovation that changes the way that nuts can be removed from fastened joints.

A SEGNUT is a direct replacement for a standard hex nut. It spins onto your existing bolt or stud and can be torqued up using the same method you are using now. Workers often encounter the problem of a damaged or seized nut. The nut removal process is time intensive and has safety implications.

No re-tooling or change to process is needed. No more gas axing, grinding, nut splitting, or other brute-force methods of nut removal needed. Additionally, Segnut increases safety for your workers and causes less damage to your equipment.

A proudly Australian developed and owned innovation, Segnut saves you valuable labour time and money by changing the way nuts can be removed from fastened joints.

Enquire now with Konnect Fastening Systems®, who stock a range of metric and imperial sizes of Segnuts to meet your needs.

All of our branches are equipped to supply products straight off the shelf, so whether you are planning for a big project or simply need some last minute supplies to get you through your current project, contact your local Konnect® branch today.

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