CRC Bright Zinc 1X350G

by CRC
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BRIGHT ZINC is a zinc rich paint which produces a highly protective coating resembling the colour of new galvanising. The film is comprised of a high level of special water resistant binder. BRIGHT ZINC contains more than 50% of the highest purity zinc in the dried film, to give galvanic rust prevention if the protective film becomes damaged.
Recommended for use on transmission towers, transformers, radio and TV relay towers, power generation equipment, structural steel, trailers, roofs, guard rails.
Effective on welding seams, rivet holes, fencing, storage tanks, off shore oil rigs, ships, rail road equipment, substation equipment and touch up over galvanized coatings
Safety Data Sheet


  • Konnect Part CRC2087
  • Barcode 9.31083E+12
  • Brand CRC