CRC Anti Corrosion Light Wet Film

by CRC
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CRC Anti-Corrosion Light Wet Film provides both lubrication and corrosion protection for metal parts, equipment, tools and sports gear. Anti-Corrosion Light Wet Film displaces moisture and protects all metals with a thin, non-drying film. It protects equipment and parts for up to 9 months and requires regular re-application for longer periods. Anti-Corrosion Light Wet Film has excellent water displacing properties and will remove surface water from surfaces and deposit an effective corrosion prevention layer.
Recommended as a maintenance product for use on equipment in regular use and provides a protective coating during the period of storage or in service.
Moisture eliminator for wet equipment. Moisture barrier to protect and prevent corrosion lubrication and corrosion protection.
Safety Data Sheet


  • Category Lubricants
  • Sub-Category Corrosion Control
  • Brand CRC
  • Konnect Part CRC3201
  • Barcode 9310832032010
  • Brand CRC