At Konnect Fastening Systems®, our focus is on supplying the right fastener products at the best value, in the shortest possible time. Our far-reaching network of branches, specialist knowledge, and huge range of standard and specialised fasteners means a streamlined service with prompt delivery to any location around Australasia.

There is a lot more to fasteners than just simple nuts and bolts; the suitability of a fastener is highly dependent on its application. The selection process must establish the strength required (material grade), corrosion factors (protective coatings), head type and thread form fit. That’s why it is important to use a specialist such as Konnect

Our extensive industry experience enables us to provide support for all types of fasteners for a wide range of applications. Access to information and our ability to source many different materials and coatings means you be assured that you are receiving comprehensive support made possible by our experience and long-standing supply partnerships.

Konnect Fastening Systems® carry over 40,000 different fasteners throughout our branch network. Whatever your requirement - we will have a fastener to suit your needs.

Our wide range includes everything you need – from fasteners and fixings, structural bolts , studs, bolts , screws , lock nuts and stainless-steel washers to r clips, rivets, socket sets, push on star washers, fishplate bolts and more.